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ポンメガネHPevent → lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6
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lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6

lazare studio®︎ ポンメガネにて取り扱い


Alexandre Caton(アレキサンドル・カトン)氏が設立した、フランス(リヨン)を拠点とするアイウェアブランド。「lazare studio®︎ ラザール・ステュディオ」がポンメガネ浦和に入荷しました。

An eyewear brand based in France (Lyon) founded by Alexandre Caton. [ lazare studio®︎ ] has arrived at PonMegane URAWA.

lazare studio

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Silmo PARISにて

ポンメガネはSILMO Parisの会場にてご本人から直接フレームをご紹介いただく機会をいただきました。

以前より他ブランドのデザイナーさんから、すごく良いブランドがあるとlazare studio®︎について伺っていたものの、2020年にローンチされたためなかなか実物を拝見することができずにおりました。

PonMegane had the opportunity to have the designer himself introduce his products at the SILMO Paris venue.

I had heard about lazare studio®︎ from designers of other brands, but since it was launched in 2020, I had not been able to see the actual product.

lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6






he design is really good. That’s my first impression.
However, as you can see, there is no clearly different motif from others.

However, it is a wonderful finish that you can feel that is completely different from other companies.

The “neo-retro” expression revives classic designs into contemporary tailored eyewear.

The brand name was devised by combining “LAZARE”, which comes from St. Lazarus, who symbolizes resurrection and rebirth, and “STUDIO”, which has its roots in workplace, study, and enthusiasm.

lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6




I was given an explanation of the details and way of thinking, and I was completely satisfied.

He is a senior who has been an optician for a long time, and like Pon Megane, he also sells current and vintage frames, so I had a lot of sympathy for him when it came to seeing the details he picked up.

Although it looks wild, it has a very delicate and careful system, such as the reason for high quality and the concept of sustainability.

lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6


This brand’s products have a transparent feel.

It’s not physical clarity, but a feeling of clarity and no cloudiness.

lazare studio®︎ /SILMO Paris 2023 vol.6


Glasses are a collection of parts. Therefore, when you look at the details, it becomes multiplicatively complex.
Conflicts will arise somewhere, such as between [overall and detail] and [thought and appearance].

[lazare studio]’s frames are made into icons down to the details using original parts that match the intention, creating a careful and clear impression with attention paid to every detail.

lazare studio

特筆すべきは「WABI SABI」カラーのメタルフレーム



見事なカラーの仕上げのなかにあって、一際目を惹きつけるのが「WABI SABI」という名称のカラーです。
フレームに対して適切な素材選択を行うこと、使用することで製品が経る当然の変化を受け入れること。この二つを合致させた象徴が「WABI SABI」カラー。

The metal frame uses multi-layer plating to ensure long-term use. Due to the special manufacturing method used for jewelry, although it has good durability, it also increases the cost, so please bear with us.

Many metal frames made of [nickel silver spring material] have a unique sense of volume that is different from the lightness of titanium, and have a perfect balance between springiness and hardness.

Among the stunning color finishes, the one that stands out is the color named [WABI SABI].
Make the right material choices for the frame and accept the natural changes that the product undergoes with use. The symbol of matching these two is the “WABI SABI” color.

lazare studio

ポンメガネの初回のオーダーでは、この[WABI SABI]カラーとブラックの2色に絞り込んでセレクトを行いました。

For our first order, we narrowed down our selection to two colors this [WABI SABI] color and [black].

lazare studio セルフレーム





The design of the expert is also clearly demonstrated in the Acetate frame.
In fact, it may be more effective here than in metal. It’s a great result.

A common feature of all frames is the temple design.
It has an unusual design with a triangular cross section, but when I was listening to Mr. Alexandre talk about the design, I immediately thought of the Maison’s vintage sunglasses. Some frames used this design in the 1970s, when Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin were particularly popular.

It’s amazing that they paid attention to this and perfected it as a design. Only glasses enthusiasts may understand, but that’s okay.

lazare studio セルフレーム



And the lens size was also a refreshing balance. I really liked the [slightly large] size.

I think this design will strike a chord with people who own multiple pairs of glasses.





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